By Any "Means" Necessary - Crisis On Infinite Podcasts #80

The #crisiscrew assembles once again this week to give you all the nerdy news you need to know including Marvels new potential series and new characters. We get excited for the upcoming Deadpool 2 release. We get into some Star Wars news about Solo and more upcoming movies. And as always we have your One Stop Javi Shop and The DC Check-in!


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Javi: @cupofjavi

Kevin: @M0T3KK



John Favreau's Star Wars Show to Take Place 7 Years After Return of the Jedi

Hoody's 60 second Solo Review

Who are the Eternals?

History of Ms Marvel

Deadpool On Stephen Colbert

Who Would Win in a Fight Between Deadpool and Batman?

Ryan Reynolds Sang "Tomorrow" on a Korean Singing Show

History of The Batwoman

New Cw TV Show Schedule 

Xbox Reveals Adaptive Controllers for People with Disabilities

Emilia Clarke Got Equal Pay For Game Of Thrones

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 - Zombies Mode Reveal Trailer

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Multiplayer Gameplay Reveal Trailer


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