Ryan Reynolds Sang "Tomorrow" on a Korean Singing Show

Ryan Reynolds has pulled a lot of stunts to promote Deadpool 2 coming to theaters in practically every country the movie is coming out, but his most recent stunt might be his most epic!!

Reynolds performed on a South Korean game show called King of Masked Singer where he sang "Tomorrow" from Annie in a unicorn mask.

Apparently it's the norm on King of Masked Singer for celebrities to wear masks to hide their identities while battling one another in a sing-off. It also helped that Reynolds was promoting Deadpool 2 releasing in South Korea at the time. Check out his performance below.

Of course the crowd went nuts and you could totally tell it was Ryan Reynolds if you've seen any of his movies, but once he took off his mask the entire crowd was shocked that it was him! Now when can we sign up for this show?

Deadpool 2 will be in theaters on May 18, 2018!!

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