Dentists Say Four Minutes Of Kissing Can Improve The Health Of Your Teeth

Loving young couple relaxing at home and kissing

Photo: Getty Images

Trying to improve the health of your teeth? You might want to kiss your partner for longer according to a group of dentists who claim it's just as good for your teeth as actually brushing them!

Oddly enough, last week a story went viral saying that cavities are actual contagious, but according to a group of orthodontists four minutes of kissing can produce more saliva in your mouth and help your teeth.

Saliva can help with chewing, tasting, and swallowing, but it also helps fight germs in your mouth and can prevent bad breath, which isn't ideal when your locking lips with someone else.

Increased saliva also contains a larger number of acids that can cut down on tooth decay, plus who doesn't want to be more intimate with your partner?

If anything, this gives you an excuse to kiss your partner even more because you're concerned about the health of their teeth!

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