This Dentist Says Cavities Can Be Spread Through Kissing

Young woman holding cheek in chair at dentist, having toothache. Shot of a young woman suffering from toothache while sitting in the dentist"u2019s chair

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to check your date's dental history before committing to a first kiss according to this dentists who went viral on TikTok!

Dr. Tasneem Mahmood recently shared on her TikTok that cavities are actually contagious and that you could potentially get a cavity just by kissing someone who is dealing with a cavity.

Several studies back up the claim that cavities can be spread from one person to another, including one 1993 study that was done with married couples because they are primarily caused by bacteria which can be spread by kissing.

The bacteria can also be spread through sharing toothbrushes and straws so you might want to pack an extra toothbrush whenever you can in case your partner forgets theirs.

You can see Dr. Mahmood's TikTok below!

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