Iman Vellani Has Been Cast As Kamala Khan In The MCU

It's weird to think that we've already known about a Ms. Marvel series coming to Disney+ for over a year, but we now know that Iman Vellani will be play Marvel's first Muslim superhero known as Kamala Khan.

Vellani, who is a newcomer to acting has been selected to play the titular role for a future Disney+ series that will take place in the MCU and if you go to her Toronto International Film Festival page you will see why she's the perfect choice!

If you don't know about Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel yet, then the perfect way to familiarize yourself is to play Marvel's Avengers which just came out on Xbox and PlayStation where she is voiced by Sandra Saad.

There's no word on when the series is scheduled to release, but we're one step closer to a Young Avengers movie!


Photo Credit Disney+

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