Everything EB bought in June

In case you missed it because I posted it late, here's last month's What I Bought, with a lotttt of things from Memorial Day Weekend

June- my birthday month! You'd think I'd be a good girl and not buy anything for myself because I just had a birthday with wonderful friends who still bring gifts, and also, I have everything that I need. but NOPE. Prime Day happened. Just when I thought I was staying strong, my BFF texts "what did you buy today?" and it was game over. I was back to shopping.

So here's a look at what I convinced myself I needed [not including the handful of things I sent back]:

  • A bike light for my fiance so we can stop worrying about making it back before the lights come on while doing bike-bar crawls
  • Hair clips because that's what we're all doing now, right? Metallic seemed fun.
  • Shorter bike shorts that I probably won't use for biking but I'm definitely still in spandex-only mode during the week.. and these are cute! They're snake print! Plus- pockets.
  • A new set of Aerogarden pods! My herb garden lasted 85 days. Now I'm ready to grow some lettuce! I seriously love this thing
  • Pumi-bars because the internet said pumice stones are gross and these are cheap enough to throw out after a couple uses
  • An ear piercing gun. We used it. It worked. It's a wild drunken idea and activity.
  • Calvin Klein sports bra to add to my collection of them
  • A silky leopard cowl neck tank that I now want in every color because it's so comfy and feels sexy

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