Universal Pictures Is Releasing Its New Movies Early On Digital

Good news for parents and movie-lovers because Universal is one of the first movie companies that will be releasing their new movies on digital platforms the same day as their global release dates during the coronavirus outbreak!

Starting on April 10th with the original release date of Trolls World Tour you will be able to rent the movie on the digital platform of your choice instead of heading to the movie theater, which is most likely closed anyway.

Other movies that Universal Pictures will be releasing starting on the 10th will be The Hunt and The Invisible Man and rentals will cost you $19.99 in the US.

Rentals will last for 48 hours and while it does cost almost as much as buying the movie, it kind of evens out when you think of how much you would normally pay for going to the movies originally.

Hopefully other movie companies follow suit and do the same thing for their delayed films, but in the mean time you can check out the new Trolls World Tour trailer below!


Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

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