Ruining Kevin's Dreams Left and Right - Crisis On Infinite Podcasts #81

The whole Crisis Crew is back together and only TWO of us have seen Deadpool 2 so we try to give our non-spoiler thoughts on it as best we can!! With Jake Gyllenhaal potentially playing Mysterio in the next Spider-Man movie we also give our dream casting for an MCU version of the Sinister Six. This week's One-Stop Javi Shop is loaded with tons of goodies and we also recap the finales for The Flash and Arrow while ruining Kevin's dreams!


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Hoody Reviews "Solo: A Star Wars Story" in 60 Seconds or Less

Jake Gyllenhaal to Play Mysterio in Next Spider-Man Film

Hoody Reviews "Deadpool 2" in 60 Seconds or Less

Crisis Reacts!: Arrow Season 6, Episode 23: "Life Sentence"

Who was the Mystery Girl on The Flash?

Trevor Noah Had a Cameo in Black Panther

HBO's Watchmen Has a Cast Now

Michael B. Jordan Will Be Starring in a Rooster Teeth Animated Series

Disney's Star Wars Parks are Coming in 2019

Your First Look at Zachary Levi as Shazam!

Westworld Had an Amazing Cover of Wu-Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M."

There's a Real Life Muzzle That Makes You Look and Talk Like Bane

Some of the Most Popular Baby Names are From Marvel


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