PODCAST: Inside an NFL Cheerleader's world

Hail to the Siblings is a Washington Redskins podcast hosted by Elizabethany and her brother Mike, created for the lady and man fans who like the sport and the entertainment side.

 Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an NFL cheerleader? What are they paid for? What are the requirements? What are try outs like? Do veterans of the team always make it again the next year? These are all valid questions that EB and Mike are asking First Lady of Football Candess in the latest episode of Hail to the Siblings!

There's more to the NFL cheerleader story right now, though. Men are now dancing on the Saints and Rams' teams, and the Ravens and Colts have both had stuntmen for YEARS! So, will the Redskins join in on that soon? 

According to Candess, it's not likely any time soon. There are some changes to the squad, though. Their ambassador program is adding on some duties to not only give them some more interaction/fun, but also bring more intimate experiences to fans in the tailgate lots and their seats!

To get a different perspective on it all, a male Ravens cheerleader named Alex called in. It's his first year as a stuntmen, but it's been an opportunity for guys for DECADES. How are their requirements and try outs different from the ladies? Does he take offense to all of the tweets and haterade coming from the crowd when he's down there? He's answering all of these questions. 

Also on this episode of Hail to the Siblings, Mike gives you the "Four Down Rundown," with four things everyone needs to know about the Redskins this week! And with EB as the current winner in their weekly "pick'em," will you go with her choice or Mike's for their game of the week?

Check out the full podcast below, and be sure to follow elizabethany and Mike on social media! @luvelizabethany @ploger

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