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"Casual Cowgirl" Aesthetic Is Taking Over TikTok This Year

Cowgirl Style in California

Photo: Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography / Moment / Getty Images

This spring, the yeehaw influence is everywhere: Beyoncé’s embracing the Western style in time for Cowboy Carter, Bella Hadid’s supporting her BF at the rodeo (and making horse girls everywhere proud), and there are even rumors of Zayn Malik releasing a country album!

The trend is even bringing out a new era of fashion, where the casual cowgirl is becoming the new modern day "It girl."

Last year, we had a small instance where country was making it's way into the fashion world when influencers were pairing cowboy boots with a laid back beachy outfit.

This year, we are dipping our toes in the water a little deeper with a more in your face approach. When picturing this, think Kim K wearing a tank top and sweats with cowboy boots , or a full glam outfit with a bolo tie necklace.

We know it may be hard to dive into a trend you don't know much about so we're here to be your big sister and lend a helping hand! Below, you can find ways to subtly elevate your outfit into a cowgirl!

How to elevate your look:

  • Try a structured vest
  • Sport some cute cowboy boots
  • Add a chunky belt
  • A leather purse with tassels and buckles
  • Layering necklaces/Bolo tie Necklaces
  • Go full denim
  • Wear all black and add some leather
  • Throw on a cowboy hat...DUH

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