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New Study Claims You Might Be Suffering From 'Screen Apnea'

Woman in armchair at home using a laptop

Photo: Tony Anderson / DigitalVision / Getty Images

We can all agree that in 2023 we use our phones, computers, and other devices a lot more than we used to for work and according to new research we might not be breathing properly because of it!

If you’ve ever noticed a shift in the quality of your breathing when you’re checking your emails, you might be experiencing "screen apnea" according to experts.

Essentially, screen apnea happens when our bodies respond to intense periods of mental focus and stimulation. In an attempt to conserve and redirect our energy to the task at hand, our breathing will become shallow and our heart rate will significantly slow down. 

While sporadic occurrences of screen apnea at night seem harmless, consistently being in the state all day for five days a week with work could have long-term impacts on the nervous system. 

The best way to manage "screen apnea" is to take deep breaths throughout the workday to help reset your breathing pattern or to get up and walk around outside to get some fresh air.

It also might be time to start utilizing the 'Do Not Disturb' function more to help detach from work!

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