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The Opposite End of Narcissism: Echoism

Did you know there is a "lesser-known" side of narcissism called, echoism??

According to Psychologist Audrey Tang, quote, “An echoist is a person who does not appear to have much desire of their own — only mirroring and reflecting back what the other person, usually a more dominant person, says."

Echoism is basically when a person loses themselves in the other person. This is common with children of narcissists. "Echoists" suppress their needs and wants for the other person. Basically, they're a reflection of the other persons wants/needs.. they "echo."

Audrey Tang explained to HuffPost, quote, “In a nutshell, when you’re favored by the narcissistic parent, you learn to suppress your own desires, and only reflect back what they expect of you.

Craig Malkin, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School explained to HuffPost:

“Echoism, by definition, is the fear of seeming narcissistic in any way. Echoists live life by the rule ‘the less room I take up, the better.’ Their needs make them deeply uncomfortable, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that extreme echoists hate their own needs.”

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Source: HuffPost

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