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How To Cope With Post-Vacation Blues

Now that the travel restrictions have lifted, a lot more people are traveling.

The worst part of vacation? Going back to reality. CNN travel put together a list of 5 tips from experts to avoid post-vacation blues.

1.) Plan a buffer for when you come back 

Don't go straight into work mode & start piling on your to-do list after a vacation. Give yourself a day to recover before you dive back in to work. Psychologist Dr. Andrea Bonior says that way you “can exhale and have some time to just be able to readjust.”

2.) Try to maintain a vacation mindset 

Dr. Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale, explains: “Remember that ending the vacation doesn’t mean ending the fun.” She suggests having a "vacation mentality" by doing things you would on a vacation that make you feel good -- like trying new restaurants.

3.) Practice gratitude 

Reflect on your trip by making a scarp book, journaling, etc. Then bring that gratitude into your daily life too.

4.) Exercise 

Exercise can help you manage your anxiety, especially post vacation when youre getting back into your day to day routines & stresses.

5.) Acknowledge your feelings 

Psychologist Dr. Andrea Bonior says, “Research shows that for us to be able to just articulate that we have a certain emotion makes that emotion feel less scary, so we feel more in control.”

Source: CNN

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