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The Super Cute Reason your Dog Licks You

What does it mean when your pup licks you?? Usually we assume it's their way of showing their affection, and that's not wrong, but there are other meaning behind a pup licking you.

Pet Expert and Founder of, John Smith, Hear are the 4 reasons why your dog licks you:

1.) Showing Love - Puppies are licked by their moms so it's believed that it's an instinct to show affection. Licking also releases "happy hormones" which actually calms pups down.

John explains: "Whether your dog greets you excitedly with kisses when you return home or they’re just happy to see you throughout the day, most of the time, dog licks are a sign of love and affection."

2.) Showing empathy - Your pup might be trying to pick up on your mood, so they will use licking to gauge how you're feeling. They also use licking as a way to comfort you when you're upset.

3.) Expressing trust - Licking is their way of telling you they consider you the leader of the pack & that they trust you.

John explains: "For dogs, licking the leader of their pack is typical canine behaviour that dates back to when dogs evolved from wolves in the wild, when dogs would lick their pack leader when reunited with them to show their obedience and loyalty."

4.) Tasting you -You might just get licks because you taste good too! Maybe they smell remnants of food on you, or they taste the salt on you after sweating.

Source: Mirror.Uk

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