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How to Spot Toxic Traits in Yourself and Others

In a recent article from Scary Mommy, a licensed Therapist explained how you can spot toxic traits in other and in yourself

Shanta Jackson, a licensed therapist says, "A toxic personality is a personality that is made up of toxic traits. Toxic traits are habits and behaviors that are ongoing and harm others."

So how do you identify toxic traits in yourself?

Self-awareness is huge for this. Shanta says you have to ask yourself "Do I have a negative outlook on most things" or "Do I take responsibility for my actions?'" It can also help to get an outside opinion.

Some toxic traits to look out for in yourself include: judging others, gaslighting, not taking responsibility, getting angry quickly, manipulating others, etc.

To spot toxic traits in others, Shanta says to pay attention to how you feel when you interact with certain people. Quote, "Your feelings will help you determine whether or not you're in a relationship with someone who displays toxic traits."

Some toxic traits to look out for in yourself include: gaslighting you, lying to cover up their behavior, making you feel judged, never taking responsiblity for their actions and being self-centered where everything revolves around them.

To deal with a toxic person in your life, Shanta suggested communicating how their toxicity impacts you. Quote, "I statements" are extremely beneficial in these scenarios. For example, you can say: "When you do ____ or say ____, I feel ____." She also suggests setting boundaries and not taking their toxic behaviors personally.

Source: Scary Mommy

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