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Hotel Workers Share Bizarre Things Found In Guest Rooms After Check-Out

There's a few reddit threads that discussed the strange and bizarre things hotel workers have found in guest rooms after check out. The responses are all over the place.

Here are some of the responses:

"I don't know how he got in, but a guy checked out once and left, like, 20 cats in his room. Living cats, all just chilling."


"Sh#* smeared literally everywhere. The walls, the bedsheets, the carpets. Everywhere except the bathroom.

"We also found some kind of harness and a ball gag, so I know the harness was a sex thing. We had to call a full biohazard team, and they had to do a full deep clean of the room, buy a new mattress, and had it shut down for weeks.

"We charged the guest's card for everything. Same dude called back a few weeks later freaking out asking why the fuck he was getting such a huge bill. We explained in great detail what we had to do and why he was paying every cent."


"A half-eaten candy thong on the floor; it was absolutely horrific to find."


"A snake in a terrarium. I got real close before I realized what it was."


"A kid left one of those mandarin orange fruit cups in a safe with a note that said 'please enjoy.' I didn't."


Source: Reddit/ Reddit

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