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'Hesidating' Is The Latest Post-Pandemic Dating Trend

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Dating feels a little weird in a post-pandemic world not just because we have to go back out in public, but because we're so used to being by ourselves, which is why "hesidating" is the newest dating trend you need to know!

According to Plenty of Fish, "hesidating" is described as feeling indifferent about dating, unsure if you want to date seriously or casually because life, in general, is so uncertain right now” and we don't blame you if you're not ready to start dating more casually again.

Seventy percent of singles say they’re hesitating to go on a date right now and the main culprit was that they didn't have the "emotional energy" to commit to something new right now. The other factor was that people didn't want to date someone who met all of their creations.

Now if you're wondering what makes someone a "hesidater," then just look out for these signs:

  • They shy away from vulnerability
  • They’re not at all that engaged
  • You feel a shift in the energy they're putting into your interactions.
  • They avoid answering "heavier"-hitting questions
  • They flake at the last minute and can’t ever seem to find the time

You can learn more about the dating trend HERE!

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