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Woman Surprised By Man’s Reaction To Her Bringing Dog On Date

A woman turned to Reddit to get some advice on a date she went on.

She says she was meeting up with a guy in a park, and since he expressed interest in meeting the dog she thought it made sense to bring the dog on the date.

She thought everything went well, until she received a text from her date on the way home.

She wrote:

“He said something similar to 'you paid more attention to your dog than me. You came to see me not play with your dog. I don't get why you even brought him,’” she writes about his message. She adds, "I questioned him on this because he originally said he wanted to meet my dog, but he replied with 'I didn't realize he'd stop us from doing things. We could have done so much more if he wasn't there'.”

The man did say he wanted to go out again as long as her "dog doesn't come along this time,” but the woman posted asking if this is a big red lag she shouldn’t ignore. 

A lot of people agree she should ditch the guy.

  • "I can see where he might be coming from as having a dog with you could limit activities you can do such as going out for dinner or a drink. However, he is extremely immature for the way he is communicating and that is more of the red flag.”
  • “Major, major red flag. I dated someone once who constantly told me I gave my dog more attention than him. He acted jealous and threw a tantrum when I showed my dog affection, when I walked him, when I played with him.”

Source: Mirror

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