These Airport Mistakes Are Costing You Money Every Time You Fly

check-in queue at the airport

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We've all been to the airport and realized we spent WAY more than we wanted to just by waiting for our plane to arrive and that's why we wanted to share some of our favorite tips on how to save money when traveling at the airport!

Here are some of our go-tos:

  • Paying For Expensive Parking - You can often find alternative parking options just a mile or two from the airport for less or even checkk or to look for long-term parking options near your departing airport.
  • Spending Too Much On Checked Bags - Try to pack light when possible and prepay for checked bags online in advance, which can sometimes give you discounted rates. Also, consider traveling with an airline that offers free checked bags.
  • Forgetting Your Reusable Water Bottle - Bring a personal water bottle instead of paying for the pricey water bottles at the airport. Almost all airports have filtered water stations where you can fill your water bottle after you make it through.”
  • Going Shopping - While you may think you’re scoring a bargain while shopping there, you could be costing yourself more. There actually can be big fluctuations in prices for the same item across duty-free shops internationally, and even in the same airport.
  • Packing The Wrong Things In Your Carry-On - While you should pack carry-on-restricted items in your checked bag, you should be sure to pack your personal essentials in your carry-on bag if your checked bag gets lost.
  • Missing Out On Free Amenities - Look into the free amenities you might qualify for. For example, your airline loyalty program status might include vouchers or club access for certain itineraries. The same goes for your credit card.
  • Not Being Strategic About Snack Purchases - Make sure you purchase your snacks by your gate versus in the air. Some in-flight meals must be pre-booked before flying, and snacks can come at a much higher price point in the air vs. on the ground.
  • Booking A More Expensive Rental Car - You can often find better deals at car rental locations away from the airport. Ask your hotel if they have a free shuttle that could get you close to the car rental office, or take a taxi, Uber or Lyft to a different rental office since this could still save you.
  • Overlooking Free Or Cheap Public Transportation - In some cities, public transportation options are rather easy to find and the most affordable way to get to your hotel or final destination.

Hopefully these tips help you!

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