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What Riley Served For Friendsgiving

So I gotta say, I'm REALLY proud of this cake that I made for our the Friendsgiving we went to over the weekend. . Its a spice cake with Apple Spice Cream Cheese Buttercream. I'm still not trying to pretend that I'm brave enough to bake anything else than box cake, but my homemade frosting and piping skills on this one were on point! According to the hostess it was a BIG hit on the dessert table.

And since I use boxed cake this is easier than you would think. I used this buttercream recipe and added 2 teaspoon of Apple Pie Spice to it. For the crumbles you see its just the left over cake tops I had from leveling off the cake that I crumbled and toasted on a pan for about 10 minutes. The piping was actually pretty easy. Check HERE for the instructions I used.

Now unto the Trader Joes haul.

Admittedly Im not a person who loves entertaining in my house. I mean I love my house, and I love our friends and family. But is it wrong that Iike the idea of being able to check out and take a bath when I want to? Maybe its a symptom of entertaining for a living or something.

Anyhoo, the friends we had over were longtime friends of Marshall's tat I happen to love so I wanted to make it special. And also use all of the serving platters we got for our wedding that we didn't actually need. Like why did I register for so many??

For the cheeses I went ham in Trader Joes, which honestly I was surprised at what a great selection they had for so cheap. Like is you haven't tried their cranberry goat cheese your missing out. And those Trader Joes Reduced Fat Pita chips you see in the bowl are version of crack. On the bottom of the easel were these cute little cucumber sandwiches with white bread, Boursin cheese spread at English cucumbers. Also all from The House of Joe.

Those little bites you see on top of the easel serving tray and also a trader Joe's wonder. Caramelized onion Feta Puffs. TO DIE FOR. That dip you see with the veggies is their Everything But The Bagel Spread. Yup. Enough said.

One more Trader joes yummy that I had to mention was their Balsamic Glaze. Oh my GERD this took my tomato mozzarella basil bites to the next level.

And I swear this isn't an add for Trader Joes. I just happen to like a lot of their stuff!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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