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What Is a "Bones Day"? Noodle Is the TikTok Star You Need To Know

Is it a "Bones Day" Or a "No Bones Day" ? That's the question Tiktokers collectively ask daily now because they need to know what kind of day they're in for.

If you're completely confused, allow me to introduce you to Noodle.

Noodle is a 13-year-old pug that sometimes wakes up and just can't get out of bed. (same)

Noodle's owner, Jonathan Graziano picks him up from bed to see if he will stand (a bones day) or flops back into a bed (a no bones day).

So what does a "Bones Day" and "No Bones Day" mean? It's kind of like a horoscope for how your day will be.

If Noodle wakes up with "bones" (he stands), it's going to be a productive day. Go ahead and treat yourself.

However, if Noodle wakes up with "no bones" (he flops) then cut yourself some slack. Jonathan says, quote, "I think that just means you have permission to flop on plans or activities if you don't wanna do them."


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