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OnlyYMS: Intern John's Baltimore Comedy Show

Over the weekend we all have a TON of photos we take of our lives that we want to share on social media, but we don't want to over-post!

That's why we created our "OnlyYMS" page where you can see some of our photos from over the weekend that don't make it to social media and we saved just for you! Plus it's ALL FREE so how could you not love that?

This week check out exclusive photos of Intern John's weekend in Baltimore for the comedy show and the shenanigans he may or may not have got into throughout the weekend!

Went to Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, was blown away with how good it is! I’ve ordered their crab cakes by mail (and they’re amazing) but wow in person was fantastic!

Got to love the custom "My Man" dessert!

HUGE thanks to Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor for helping us with rooms! The view of Camden Yards odd my balcony was one of the coolest yet!

After Jimmy’s, scored some REALLY cheap seats and went to the O’s game w/ Sos!

I thought this was a bad omen. When I unpacked my bag at the hotel. An energy drink had opened up all over my jokes! I had to dry them off!

Just Chuy Skittles and I after soundcheck

Thank you to the listeners who got me these cups! It’s a reference to my 24th bday! And to mosaic for giving me my own light!

Might be the coolest photo. Skittles is a big fan of Sos. He saw her on the screen during soundcheck and was v excited

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