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Why They Regret Leaving You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Thought Catalog put out a list of "Why They Regret Leaving You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign" and we just had to see what it said.

To read the full description for each sign CLICK HERE. Here's the overview:

Aquarius: "You opened their eyes to the world around them."

Pisces: "You listened to them when they needed someone."

Aries: "You were always down to try something new."

Taurus: "You weren’t afraid to commit to them."

Gemini: "You opened their eyes to all sorts of possibilities, people, and places."

Cancer: "You loved them harder than anyone ever has."

Leo: "You weren’t afraid to be unapologetically yourself."

Virgo: "You always pushed them to be better."

Libra: "You truly did everything you could to make them happy".

Scorpio: "They haven’t met anyone who brought as much passion into their life as you."

Sagittarius: "You were always able to cheer them up, no matter what."

Capricorn: "You were tirelessly loyal and dedicated."

Source: Thought Catalog

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