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Bridal Shower OOTD

I bought 5, yes FIVE different dresses for my bridal. My original bridal shower was planned at the beginning of the pandemic when trying things on wasn't an option. So I ordered from all the expensive websites hoping that I would find the right one. Not too sexy but not too frumpy. And then after I hit my fitness goals post baby, the dress I had finally settled on just wasn't it. I wanted to feel confident and sexy in my new mom-of-two skin.

I have been obsessed with all things coming from the Shein so I figured why not give it a shot right? I didn't immediately think they would have anything I would love for such an important event...but boy was I wrong. And for $14??!!! The ultimate score.

They are also a steal at $19!

The shoes were something I've had in my closet for like two years in the hopes of needing them. I got them on sale for $34 at Zara and unfortunately I don't think they sell them anymore. But I'll link you something similar!

Shein Draped Off The Shoulder Ruched Dress

Pearl Drop Earrings

Nude Strappy Sandal

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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