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Things That Sound Sexy, but Really Aren't.

People are sharing things that *sound* like they should be really sexy, but really they just suck.


Reddit user u/Still_Atmosphere asked, "What is something you thought was hot in theory but turned out not to be in practice?" and people have STORIES.

Some of the answers include:

--"In the heat of the moment, I thought it would be hot to passionately rip my wife's bra off. She was FURIOUS that I ruined one of her good bras."

--"Real whipped cream is actually super nasty if you don't lick it all off. Sour milk stink is not sexy."

--"Sex on the beach. We got bit by fire ants and crabs came poking out of the holes in the sand at night. Also, it was chilly."

--"Sex in the shower. Maybe we are doing it wrong, but it's too complicated and water is not lube."

See the rest of the answers HERE

What would you add as something that sounds like it should be sexy, but really just sucks??

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