American Kids Are Talking With A British Accent Thanks to "Peppa Pig"

Have you noticed your little one has picked up a British accent after watching Peppa Pig? Well you're not alone!

The so-called "Peppa Effect" is because American kids have binge-watched so much “Peppa Pig" over quarantine that they've actually started to have an accent and even use British lingo, saying things like "telly" and "ready, steady, go," instead of "ready, set, go."

Entertainment One Ltd, the show’s owner said, quote, "Young Peppa fans see her as a friend ... and, as we do with friends that we admire, pick up some of their characteristics."

"Peppa Pig" was the second most watch cartoon behind "Spongebob Squarepants" during quarantine. So don't be surprised if you hear your kid refer to Santa as "Father Christmas" this year.

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