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The Top Things Millennials Think Make Someone Old

Senior man having fun at home.

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If you don't want to feel old and "age-check yourself" because a new survey based on millennials looked at the signs that indicate someone is old!

UK retailer Love Energy Savings asked millennials about the clear signs a person is old and apparently if you have any cash in your wallet then you are old.

28% of the millennials surveyed said that using cash is the biggest sign that you are old, but another big sign is having a dedicated tissue/handkerchief to blow your nose

Now this doesn't mean you are super-old, but if you want to feel and look young in the eyes of twenty-year-olds, then steer clear from the following indicators:

  • Getting bills through the mail
  • Having fancy cutlery for special occasions
  • Writing lists with pen and paper
  • Smoking
  • Describing a tune as ‘banging’
  • Calling for a taxi instead of using an app
  • Watching actual TV
  • Still being on Facebook
  • Reading books
  • Talking on the phone
  • Wearing skinny jeans
  • Using a camera
  • Dating in real life
  • Not having pronouns in your Instagram bio

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