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McCormick & Company Is Hiring A "Director of Taco Relations" For $100,000

hard shell tacos

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Do you think you know everything there is to know about tacos? Turns out you can get paid $100,000 for it if you love tacos!

Maryland-based company McCormick & Company is hiring it's very first "Director of Taco Relations," which not only comes with the $100,000 salary, but also includes a TON of McCormick taco seasoning and other McCormick products.

The position is available now through July 20th for anyone who is at least 21 and lives in the United States and all you have to do to apply is submit a creative video showcasing your love of tacos!

McCormick states, "as part of the Director of Taco Relations opportunity, the position will work directly with the McCormick brand team to develop delicious out-of-the-box recipes utilizing McCormick's Taco Seasoning mix, connect with fellow taco connoisseurs to discuss the latest taco trends and debate hard-hitting questions including: "Which are better, soft or hard shell tacos?"

You'll even get to travel across the US to visit famous taco restaurants so it sounds like the perfect dream job for the taco lover in your life! To apply you can go HERE!


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