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IKEA Is Launching A “Buy Back” Program For Your Old Stuff

What's the oldest piece of IKEA furniture you're still holding onto? Turns out if you still have it that IKEA will buy it back from you!

IKEA has just launched its own "buy back" program that will encourage shoppers to bring in their old items and be given a voucher to use on new furniture based on the value of their old furniture.

The program is aimed to reduce the amount of furniture that ends up in landfills and you can even use IKEA's online estimator to find out how much money you'll get back depending on your item's condition.

IKEA then takes that estimate and gives you a gift card for that amount and the best part is that the gift card doesn't expire so you can hold onto it for a while!

Used items returned as "good as new" will reportedly be bought for 50% of the original price, items with minor scratches will be bought for 40% and things with “noticeable damage” will get 30% back.

As of right now the program is only happening in the UK, but there are plans to expand to the US as soon as the pandemic ends!

(Apartment Therapy)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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