PODCAST: Riley's Fav 5 Non-Cheesy Easter Looks For Babies

Cat and Jack Chambray Bunny Suspender Set - I swear the only time I think Ill ever be able to put baby Malin in suspenders is when he's not old enough to protest. I think I need to get this outfit for him STAT.

Knitted Short Sleeve Romper - I want to order this for Malin in like 6 different colors.

Sleeveless Bunny Romper - This is ne of those outfits that my baby may hate me for someday, but I think his future wife will love the pictures of it so I'm basically doing him a favor.

Short Sleeve Bunny Poplin Shirt - This maybe the one that makes it into the Easter photos. I'm not generally a fan of anything button up for an infant but this is just too cute for words.

Bunny Tail Knitted Romper - I think my fiancé would certainly veto this one...but its just too darn cute!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture