The Public Got To Name 50 Snow Plows In Scotland And They're Hilarious

You have to think that when companies and government agencies ask for the public's input that they aren't going to get the results they intended and that's what Scotland is learning the hard way after it asked the public to name 50 of its snow plows!

Scotland held a public drive that was organized by Amey, a road infrastructure company responsible for maintaining public roads and bridges, that ended last month and of course it had a record number of participants try to come up with punny names for its new trucks.

The best part is that you can actually track where each of the newly-named snow plows are currently at thanks to GPS. Here were some of our favorite snow plow names that were selected:

  • You’re a Blizzard Harry
  • William Wall-Ice
  • Brinestone Ploughboy
  • Sweet Child of Brine
  • Tam O’Salter
  • Lord Coldemort
  • Carrie Bradthaw
  • Spreddie Van Halen
  • Icesweeper Willie
  • Sleetwood Mac

(Good News Network)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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