Bumble's Dating Trends For 2021

Dating just isn't the same anymore thanks to the pandemic because all the trends and things that used to happen on dates have been replaced with new COVID-era versions, like “wokefishing” - which is when someone pretends to have progressive views just to get lucky!

However, our friends at Bumble have predicted some of the big dating trends that we'll see in 2021 so make sure to brush up on it now so that it doesn't happen to you later this year! Here are some of the big trends for 2021:

  • Hardballing - “Dating like the CEO” and not wasting your time with partners who aren’t serving you.
  • Astrolove - Bumble predicts more and more folks will be looking for compatibility based on their zodiac sign.
  • Slow dating - People taking their time to get to know each other before meeting up in person and being more selective in general
  • More virtual dating- Online dates aren’t going away!!
  • “New Dawn Daters” - People who ended their long-term relationship during the pandemic and are now ready to get back out there.

(Refinery 29)

Photo Credit: Getty Images