'Maskfishing' Is 2020's Newest Dating Trend

Even though dating has slowed down thanks to the pandemic, it hasn't stopped new dating trends and the newest one actually involves wearing a mask and it's called "maskfishing!"

According to Urban Dictionary, it's “the phenomenon of wearing a mask to appear more attractive than you actually are" and you will most likely experience it when dating online.

Essentially because we have to hide the bottom of our faces, and our mouths, you can appear more attractive than you actually are. Some dating apps have even started a “No Maskfishing Mandate” which bans users from posting only photos of themselves masked-up.

Mask wearing is important to a lot of people and seeing someone in one would keep you from having to have that whole “So what are your thoughts on this COVID-19 thing?” conversation. But if you are trying to hide your chin or nose in your dating profile pic, face masks could definitely work to your advantage!


Photo Credit: Getty Images