An Aquarium Drained Its Wishing Waterfall To Find Over 100 Gallons Of Coins

If you have always wondered what happened to your coins after you tossed them into a wishing well/fountain, then get ready for your wishes to be ruined because an aquarium in North Carolina is cashing in on 14 years of tossed coins!

The North Carolina Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores waited almost 14 years to drain its wishing waterfall and once they collected all the coins, as well as some glasses, toys, and jewelry, they had almost 100 gallons filled with coins.

Officials said the money removed from the waterfall will go toward care for the animals at the facility, which has been closed to the public for nearly six months during the coronavirus and while they don't know the exact amount of how much money was removed you know if they took it to a Coinstar machine that it would take a few hours!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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