Most Americans Haven't Cleaned Their Computer's Desktop In THREE Years

messy desk paperwork

These days most of us spend a good portion of our day on our computers, but it seems not many of us are keeping our tech all that organized!

A new survey finds that the average American hasn’t organized their desktop in over three years and that half of Americans would actually rather clean their entire house than spend an hour cleaning and organizing their devices.

According to the survey, 62% of people saying their desktops are “very cluttered" and here are the main reasons why people haven't cleaned their computers in a while:

  • 51% worry about losing photos and videos.
  • 49% of people worry they’ll lose their passwords.
  • 46% worry about deleting things they’ll need later.
  • 36% like knowing where everything is right now.
  • 31% say it’s time-consuming.
  • 26% say it’s such a mess; there’s no hope for it.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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