Las Vegas Casinos Will Pay You To Gamble With A Mask On

Las Vegas has reopened to tourists, and while wearing masks and social distancing is encouraged in casinos, judging by pictures and videos, not many folks are abiding by the recommendations, but if you DO make the smart decision to keep your mask on then you can get PAID to gamble!

Over the weekend, Caesars Entertainment, which currently has five open casinos on "The Strip," launched a promotion in which a team of employees walk around Caesars Palace, Paris, Flamingo, The Linq and Harrah's offering $20 bucks to encourage guests to wear a mask while in their casinos. 

Only Caesars Rewards members are eligible for the free $20, but it’s pretty simple to sign up and become one for free. At the end of last weekend the company shelled out $7,500 to 375 guests.

There's currently no word on if the promotion will continue, but if it does you can probably expect people to be a little more risky with $20 and bet it on red!

(USA Today)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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