New App Is Giving $25,000 Away To Whoever Can Touch Their Phone Longest

How long do you think you could keep your finger on your phone? If you think you can pull off the feat longer than everyone else in the world, then you could win $25,000 thanks to a new app created by MSCHF and YouTuber Mr. Beast!

Both have teamed up to create a new app called Finger On The App, which essentially is going to run like HQ Trivia where everyone is competing at the same time to potentially win up to $25,000.

How do you win the cash? Open up their new app, put your finger on the screen and don’t take it off!

Whoever in the world can keep their finger on the screen longest will win a cash prize, thought the exact amount of that prize is actually up to the folks that the winner beats out. Users of the app will vote on whether the contest’s winner should take home $25,000, a penny or a number in between. The winner will take home the average of all of those user votes.

The contest kicks off next Tuesday at 3pm and you do have to occasionally move your finger to different spots on your phone.

Luckily, there is a practice mode on the app that can help you practice for when it counts!

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