Good Night Gossip: 6/12/19

Jon Stewart Blasts Congress Over 9-11 Victims Fund

Jon Stewart may have made his mark as a comedian, but there is no question that he’s nothing but business when it comes to activism. One of his biggest passions? Fighting for 9/11 first responders. And he thundered onto Capitol Hill to make his case to lawmakers to reauthorize a fund that provides healthcare to 9-11 first responders.

Stewart gave emotional testimony at a hearing on Capitol Hill – even shaming lawmakers who refused to show up to the hearing, as ailing first responders watched from the audience. He called the showing “an embarrassment to this country,” and questioned why the bill isn’t a unanimous consent.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves for not being here… what an incredible metaphor this room is, a filled room of 9/11 first responders and a nearly empty Congress,” he said. “Accountability appears not to be something that occurs in this chamber.”

  • The fund that provides benefits to first responders and others dealing with illnesses related to the 2001 terror attacks is running short of money. The bill currently being considered would lock in funding and increase past payments to people sickened by toxins during the recovery.



Twitter Loves How Keanu Reeves Poses With Fans

Keanu Reeves has been dubbed a “Respectful King.” Already lauded as one of the most modest Hollywood stars, Keanu is now getting props from the Twitterverse for the way he poses with female fans.

The actor is now trending on Twitter after users noticed a trend in photos of the actor with female fans, where he sports a “hover hand” instead of posing with his hand touching their back or shoulders. User Kemoy Lindsay has posted a series of photos to prove it, which you can see for yourself HERE.Here’s what the Twitterverse has to say:

  • In the midst of the #MeToo era, original poster Kemoy has captioned the photo series, “Keanu ain’t taking no chances.”
  • On the contrary, user Peach Shim doesn’t think it’s really about “not taking chances.” “It’s about being considerate and respectful, qualities that Keanu carries in spades,” the fan writes.
  • User Chris says ditto to that. “He’s respectful,” he offers. “This should be how it’s done unless ya know the woman doesn’t mind being touched. Keanu should inspire us all.”
  • User Polly Karr has a slightly different interpretation. “Keanu has the amazing power to make you feel hugged without ever having touched you,” she writes.
  • Cameron Kasky calls the actor “the only hero we have left.”

Amanda Bynes Sued Over Treatment Center Bill

Amanda Bynes has reportedly been sued by a mental health facility that treated her earlier this year. According to Page Six, Creative Care Inc is suing the actress over an allegedly unpaid bill.

Bynes received inpatient care back in February, and the facility claims she owes them just under $2,500. The amount reportedly comes from the treatment center’s monthly residential rate of $37,000.

As we previously reported,Bynes is under a conservatorship by her mother that’s been extended into 2020, meaning the star’s mom may be the one in charge of her finances.

Source:Page Six



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