Instagram Comments That Will Have Them In Your DMs!

Ever see a pic of your FBW on IG, and thought of every possible way to rekindle that old flame? Tell the truth – we’re ALL guilty of this! But how do you get it to the next level?Here’s a few attention grabbers that’ll have them back in ya DMs:

  1. Wow…you're looking mighty fine.
  2. Don't tease me.**wink wink***
  3. You've definitely got my attention now.
  4. Please stop with the distractions, I really need to get some work done!
  5. Loving your aesthetic, can't wait to chat about it one-on-one.**wink wink***
  6. There aren't enough emojis in the world for all that hotness.
  7. It should be illegal to look that good.
  8. Some might say you're a snack, but you'd also make an A+ lunch, dinner, and dessert.
  9. Tell me more.
  10. This pic has definitely got me feeling some type of way.

Elite Daily gave us this starting point, BUT we’ve got a lot more of where these came fromHERE. Give them a spin!

Source:Elite Daily



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