Sunburn Tattoos Are This Summers TREND!

While most of us are out here trying to slather every single inch of our exposed skin with sunscreen before we go have fun in the sun, not everyone is so into SPF protection. We all slip up and make sunscreen mistakes every once in a while and end up with more sun on our skin than we wanted, but people are actually getting “sunburn tattoos” on purpose and this trend could be putting their health at risk.

Here’s how a sunburn tattoo works: people put stencils on their exposed skin and go outside to soak up some rays. When they’re finished, they take off the stencils and they’re left with a “semi-permanent” design of paler skin. The trend has been around for a couple of years now, according to social media posts and a new report,it’s becoming more popular in 2019.

These aren’t just tan lines, either. People are feeling the burn with designs of spiders, the “Batman” logo, and the Playboy bunny. But no matter how cool the sunburn tattoo may look to you, it’s still sun damage on your skin. Experts advise using sunscreen, like a physical blocker with titanium or zinc oxide to protect skin instead of going for the temporary embellishments that may come with serious consequences - like skin cancer - later on.

Source:New York Post



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