How To Be A Better Friend

You may be a good friend, but you can always be better.No offense…but we tend to fall into repetitive cycles that are made to be broken. Friendships in 2019 can be difficult to maintain, especially as you get older.

Wanna get around it? Here’s how:

  • Initiate Plans– Any time your friend invites you out to play, go! To balance things out, make sure you make some plans, too. Start a routine, so you know—Wednesdays are “Friend Days.”
  • Make Plans on Their Terms– Don’t only go for what’s convenient for you. Think about your friend’s needs, too.
  • Remember Important Dates– The worst thing you can do is miss a birthday. It only takes a quick text to show you care.
  • Put Down the Phone– Listening is important. Sometimes your friend just needs an ear. Make sure to ask questions afterwards, too.
  • Give Up Bad Friends– You’ve got to know the difference between what’s good and bad. Find out and say goodbye to the bad apples!

So…are you as good of a friend as you thought?

Source:Life Hacker



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