Become A Millionaire At 28!

It’s easy to make money (even if it’s pennies at a time), but according to Spectrum Group’s 2019 Market insight report, it’s way easier than you think to become a millionaire before you hit 30. Don’t believe it? There are actually 11.8-million Americans who have a net worth of $1-million dollars. Here’s how they did it:

  • Stay Focused in School– Your GPA says a lot about you and can help you land that “high” paying job at Goldman Sachs.
  • Save Until it Hurts– If you don’t feel the financial pain when it comes to saving, you’re nowhere near the right amount. Get your numbers up.
  • Work Hard and Know Your Place– Pay your dues now, so you don’t have to work as hard later.
  • Consider Both Aggressive and Conservative Strategies– The greater the risk, the higher the return. You’ve got nothing to lose when you’re young.
  • Make Property Your Best Friend– Inflation can get you lots of moolah, if you’re buying at the right time. Timing is EVERYTHING.
  • Live Like You’re Poorer Than You Actually Are– The most wealthiest people never broadcast how much money they have. Keep theSteve Jobs
  • Start a Side Hustle– Your small gig on the side can turn out to be your next full time job. And, more moolah!
  • Build a Strong Support Network– The more you have powerful people backing you, the more it will work to your benefit. Hard work isn’t enough nowadays.
  • Invest in Your Education– Continually expand your knowledge, even after you get your degree. Class is always in session with Mr. Google.
  • Keep of Your Progress– There are so many free financial tools online to help with this, take advantage of it.




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