A Broken Heart Can Actually Be A Good Thing!

Parting ways with your lover isn’t the easiest thing to do. You cry for a few days, and he probably does, too. But hey…a broken heart isn’t as bad as you think. Wanna review some UP sides?:

  • You Have the Chance to Step Back and Self-Reflect– This allows you to see things with a new set of eyes and understand what went wrong in the relationship.
  • It Can Strengthen Your Friendships– You can ALWAYS count on your girls after a break up. They’ll be at your door with a bottle of wine to comfort you once they get word of the break up.
  • Better Relationship With Yourself– Break ups allow you to be selfish. You have permission to focus on you again and remember what you desire to achieve.
  • You'll Emerge Stronger and More Resilient– You’ve earned the, “I’m strong” badge. Those long, sleepless nights are now a thing of the past.
  • Forgiveness is Key– You may get angry and have a meltdown, but forgiveness is right around the corner. This is important for you to come to terms with.
  • You Become More Empathetic– Break ups humble you. At the same time, you become more understanding in the process.
  • You Learn What You Really Need From Love– This takes time to figure out. Experience breaks down who you are and as well as things you can’t stand in a relationship.

Source:Pop Sugar



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