Millennials Are Now Killing Doorbells

Inquiring minds have been buzzing: Why do Millennials text at a door…instead of ringing the doorbell? That’s right, millennials are getting blamed for yet another thing—the death of the doorbell.

Thanks to a rando tweet from @youngandjoven, everyone’s got it in their heads that it’s our fault that the doorbell industry is dying. He posed the question, “Can someone write an article on millennials killing the doorbell industry by texting "here?”

Within a blink of an eye, the tweet has been liked by half-a-million and retweeted by more than 100-thousand. Everyone chimed in, including Millennials.

Here’s a sample are some responses:

  • Linds Grey says, “The doorbell legit scares me now. I jump every time. It just seems so aggressive now when you could just text.”
  • Dominic DeAngelis points out the obvious: “Funny! Most apartments don’t have doorbells tho.”
  • And what about those tricky doorbells that look like they work but don’t?Chloe claims, “We still have our doorbell out that has been broken for over 10 years.”

There are a lot more clever responses, check them out HERE.




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