This Is The Reason You SHOULD Text Your Ex!

It’s late. You’ve had a few drinkies. Suddenly, you’re about to click “send” on a text…to your EX. You pause…and then you send anyway. What happens next is anyone’s guess…you’re just busy over here hyperventilating. Have you ruined your life and shamed yourself forever?Maybe not.

Of course, you don’t want to jump right into texting your ex if they left you heartbroken just a few days ago. It’s never an easy thing to cut off someone that you had deep feelings for and used to talk with on the regular. Give yourself some time to really understand what happened and evaluate the situation. But you also need t-i-m-e.

"A breakup is also a time for an individual to get back in touch with themselves," explains relationship coach Shula Melamed. "Too much contact can be distracting or interrupt the process of healing."

So breathe, boo. If you guys work at the same company…or live near each other…you’re going to have to deal. So where does that “one reason” come in? When what you have to say gives closure…and helps you move forward. Or directs them to get their crap out of your place.

Look, feels are feels. We all have them. It’s how we deal with them that can hinder our growth…or totally set us free. Good luck! We’ll say a prayer for you.

Source: Elite Daily



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