This Company Will Help You Fake A Vacation!

If you want to go on a vacay but can’t afford it, there’s a company that’s here to help you fake it until you actually make it there. Say hello to Fake A Vacation! It’s easy to live vicariously through everyone else through social media, so why not do the same when it comes to vacations?

Without even leaving your home, you can “travel” to places like Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Disneyland—at least on social media. Of course there’s a small fee, but they’re nowhere near the costs of physically going there. And what price can you really put on great social media, right?

These “trips” range from $19.99 to $49.99 – and all you have to do is select your destination, send a pic of yourself, and you’ve got yourself a fake vacation photo! If you don’t see your destination on the website, you can make a special request for only $100.

Since you won’t actually be there, you have to either chat with a few people that have been there or do a little Google search. That way, you’ll have the right responses when people comment on your IG pics and want to hold a convo in the office.

  • One other thing? You’ll need to keep in mind is you have to play your role. If you’re “on vacation” for a week, you can’t physically be at work during that week. That’s an important part to make your story valid.

Your life is what you post on social media!

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