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Why You Shouldn't Shower During A Thunderstorm According to Scientists

How many times growing up did your parents say to NOT take a shower during a thunderstorm? For me, it was at least a million times. Buuuut let's be real, we did it anyway.

A scientist has explained why you should never shower or take a bath during a thunderstorm. James Rawlings, Physics Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, shared:

“The most useful advice for a thunderstorm is: when thunder roars, go indoors. However, this does not mean you are completely safe from the storm. There are some activities inside that can be almost as risky as staying outside in the storm."

He continues to explain the Path of Lease resistance that the electricity will follow to get to the ground. Saying:

"Unless you’re sitting in a bath outside or showering in the rain, you’re incredibly unlikely to be struck by lightning. But if lightning strikes your house, the electricity would follow the path of least resistance to the ground. Things such as metal wires or water in your pipes provide a convenient conductive path for the electricity to follow to the ground. The shower provides both of those things (water and metal), making it an ideal path for the electricity to take. It could turn that nice relaxing shower into something much less relaxing. 

This is all backed up by the CDC- they also suggest to avoid all water sources during a storm. So no doing the dishes either!!

James also says leaning against a concrete wall is not safe to do, because the reinforced steal rods in the concrete wall can "provide a conductive path for the lightning."

Source: The Conversation

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