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#Hollywood- Peacock Apologizes to Selena Gomez for "Saved By The Bell" Joke

Selena Gomez fans are not at all happy with Peacock’s new reboot of “Saved By The Bell" after the show made jokes about her 2017 kidney transplant.

In one of the episodes, the characters get their phones taken away, and they're bantering about who donated a kidney to Selena a few years back. They say it was Justin Bieber's mom & it was Demi Lovato and then in another episode, graffiti on the wall reads, “Does Selena Gomez even have a kidney?”


NBC and their streaming service Peacock apologized, along with the producers. They also made an undisclosed donation to Selena's lupus charity.

Disney+ honored Chadwick Boseman on what would have been his 44th birthday in a really cool way. They added a special altered Marvel Studios intro before "Black Panther." It's filled with concept art and footage of Chadwick

Disney-Plus suffered a “Game of Thrones Starbucks Cup”-type flub in Chapter 12 of “The Mandalorian”... and now it’s been fixed. In one of the scenes from the episode, eagle-eyed fans noticed a guy wearing some very non-”Star Wars” garb in the background. After calling attention to it, the “Jeans Guy” – AKA “Admiral Blue Jeans” – has been digitally scrubbed from a new version of the episode.

Also, the man who physically played Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies, David Prowse passed away over the weekend. He was 85.

David was the person behind the mask of Darth Vader, his voice was dubbed over in the movies by James Earl Jones.

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