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Riley's "Show Me The Ring!" Rachel and Doug

You guys!!! I am over the moon to have a sort of special connection to this couple! Meet Rachel and Doug. Rachel, messages be back in May for and "Ask Riley" segment that we do on the show where listeners get to ask me life advice on random topics. Ive lived my life pretty backwards so it's fun to help people not make the same mistakes I did.

So this is the original message she sent me....

"I have an ask Riley for the show.

Love watching you and following your journey. I too was questioning love, and was so happy when you found your person.

I am happy to say that I found mine. 😊 So here’s my question: We’ve known each other since high school and reconnected after college. From then, we became best friends and did everything together. For a couple of those years I chased him but then, I guess he figured it out (haha) and we started dating. We now have a dog and a cat and I just can’t even remember what life was like before him. I have a birthday coming up and not that anyone is on a timeline… but I’m wondering… is he ever going to pop the question? We’ve both talked some about the future and he knows I want to get married. (I also would love a long engagement) and we talk about everything else … except getting married! I just don’t know how to bring it up bc I don’t want to cause feelings of pressure. But also like, what’s the next step?"

We ended up using her question on the show and my advice to her was that she should for sure set her boundaries and feel comfortable to have a conversation about their mutual goals. But seeing as how all was going so well I asked her "How do you know the ring isn't already coming?" Well much to my giddy delight I opened um my DMs last week to see this new message from Rachel...

Hi pretty lady! I hope it’s okay to message, I just had to share…

I messaged in May about how I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years, we’d known each other since HS… etc. and I was afraid to talk to him about getting married. 

You’re advice was that you thought it might already be in the works…YOU WERE RIGHT!! We went to England last week and he proposed on the top of tower bridge over looking the sunset 😭. Sending some photos. It was the most magical thing and I’m still just in utter shock and disbelief but I had to let you know you were right!! Such a good instinct!! Thought about on calling in to the show maybe tomorrow or next wednesday for what’s good Wednesday? We just got back last night so very jet lagged. Thank you again for always being awesome and having the best advice!!

So ironic that Hoody got engaged in England too! So happy for them! Anyway so sorry for the long message and photos but you feel like extended family in a way and I just had to share and say thanks again for being a rockstar! You’re awesome


Can you imagine getting proposed to on that bridge??!!

I mean absolutely swoon worthy!!

If their engagement photos are this gorgeous can you imagine the wedding photos?

Now onto this gorgeous classic stunner of a ring!!!

Fun fact is that if I had a 2nd choice for engagement ring it would have been a marquis stone. I've always had such an obsession with them. In years past the cut hasn't been as popular as others but I'm so happy to see that its been blowing up again in popularity.

Rachel's ring is a stunning vintage marquis cut diamond nestled in a 6 prong cathedral setting set in 14k white gold. Ya'll know how much I drool over a vintage bauble. It was Rachel's mothers ring and the couple plans on using stones from her grandmother's ring for her wedding band. IM OBSESSED!

Don't you just love LOVE???!! CONGRATS YOU TWO!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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