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Mommy and Me Picture Day

Let me just start by saying that I will cherish these photos forever and ever and EVER!  

Its no secret that my mini is pretty photogenic so I have tons and tons of adorable pictures of him, but maybe around four pictures of him and I together. As a single mommy I'm always the one behind the camera. 

Its sad to admit this but I don't even have a picture of him and I moments after he was born. I was sort of out of it and no one around me thought to snap a photo. Kind of a big regret for me, but going forward I'm going to always make an effort to have tangible memories of he and I together. 

A few weeks ago my girl Taylor contacted me saying she wanted to treat Lyric and I to some Mommy and Me photos and I jumped at the opportunity! The last time we has professional photos together he wasn't even one years old. 

The funny thing about photo shoots is 9 times out of 10 the best photos aren't the one's you originally thought were going to be the money shots. Actually the photographer usually does, but on the other side of the lens you feel like your doing something awkward. Then you get to see the finished product and its like WOW! 

Like in that adorable shot above. Lyric was being camera shy for the first time in his life, and I'm holding the ground for dear because I'm about to fall over. But its such a beautiful moment captured. Its my life as a single mom personified. 

Even if I'm falling I'll still use my last bit of strength you hold you up kiddo. 

Then there was this gem...

It looks like a super sweet shot of a boy snuggling his mommy right? Well actually It was one of the last shots week took. It  was cold, windy and Lyric was OVER it. And I of course was wondering if the wind was gonna blow my weave out. But again the end result was something I'll cherish because the photo and meaning behind it is so symbolic to me. 

When I  look at the photo I see strength. 

I see peace. I see love. I see a protector. I see my tiny little world wrapped in my arms. 

ALL OF THE FEELS. KILLED IT! If you guys are looking for a photographer I give her all of the recommendations possible! She even does boudoir photos! ( That might be next   )

Check her out at

A bunch of you guys were reaching out to me asking where I got some of the pieces for the photo shoot looks. Ask and you shall receive my friends.

Look 1 :

Just Gonna Kick It With My Mom Toddler Flannel 

Women's Over Sized Flannel  

Toddler Grey Martin Boots (He didn't actually end up wearing these)

Black Toddler Skinny Jeans

Mock Neck Crop Top

Open Toe Block Heel Ankle Booties  (got mine at Ross but those linked are similar)

High Waisted Ripped Skinnies

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